Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Services.


The original professional 3D printing format, still the best for accuracy and surface finish. SLA 3D Printing Service


3D printing technology with a great combination of surface finish and accuracy. SLS 3D Printing Service


The ultimate 3D printing technology for strength and stability. <br>FDM 3D Printing Service

Colour 3D Printing

Colour 3D printing for quick 3D illustrations. Colour 3D Printing Service

Model Making

Quality model making is the backbone of MNL. We set the standards others aspire to. Traditional Model Making.

Vacuum Casting

Replication of components in PU resins to simulate most thermoplastics and elastomers. Vacuum Casting

Finishing Touches

Put fantastic finishing touches to your models with graphics, chrome finishes and many others. Finishing Touches

Metal Castings

Castings small and intricate to large pieces are available in ferrous and non-ferous metals. Metal Castings