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Technical Sales Manager – Tracy’s return to Work

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After a 5 month absence, Tracy returns to work with renewed gusto and health.

Why She Was Away from Work

As most of you are aware our Sales Manager Tracy Nicholls has not been at MNL for some months due to illness. Since our last post in September last year, Tracy has undergone surgeries to help manage her Crohn’s disease. she has now returned to work with vigour and improved health.

Fundraising – for who

Last year Tracy underwent several personal challenges, one of which was raising money for a charity close to her heart, The Breakaway foundation…
Breakaway is a registered charity that supports children and young people with bowel and/or bladder diversions and dysfunction including bowel Cancer and children that have to wear colostomy bags.
Tracy managed to raise an amazing amount in just 1WEEK, prior to going into hospital for her own surgeries…the total sum of £1,700 was raised in that week.

Fundraising – How

Tracy was not in a position to do physical challenges, her Crohn’s was too limiting for that, so she chose something equally as difficult for her to do. A whole weekend of silence, Tracy didn’t go for the easy option either she actually made it as hard as possible for herself…
She went out to local pubs where everyone tried their best to make her speak.
Even on the Sunday Tracy went to a dance competition where they offered money to the crowds of hundreds to get Tracy to speak, Even then she didn’t break…

Fundraising – More to Come

Now that Tracy is able to continue a more normal life, she will still continue to raise funds for this charity and is planning many events including the cast of Peter Kay’s Phoenix nights doing a special one off gig for her chosen charity -The Breakaway Foundation. Look out for more details.
If you wish to make a donation, please follow the link here

Tracy is now back to work

Should you wish to have an update of the services that MNL has to offer or discuss your project requirements Tracy would be more than happy to arrange a convenient appointment.

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