We are Malcolm Nicholls Limited. A family run prototyping and model making business.

Since 1971, Malcolm Nicholls Limited has established itself as one of the most prestigious rapid prototyping companies in Europe.

Priding itself on the quality of it's work, MNL offer concept models through to fully operational working prototypes, for all market sectors.

Hi-tech rapid prototyping methods (Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering Fused Deposition Modelling, 3D Colour Printing etc.) and traditional skills, coupled with integrated project management ensure that high quality prototypes are delivered on time, every time.

What makes us different?

MNL is a family run business spanning two generations taking a real pride in how it operates. Since 1971 MNL has been producing quality prototypes second to none. Quality doesn’t always come at a price though; MNL will combine the best/most appropriate technology to give you the best combination of price and quality. MNL’s reputation for quality of product and service is extremely enviable throughout the RP industry.

  • MNL is a family business spanning two generations
  • Quality prototypes second to none
  • Best combination of price and quality
  • Enviable reputation throughout the RP industry
  • Models available from concept through to production
  • Not restricted by only one technology
  • One of the oldest RP suppliers in the UK
  • Vacuum casting since the 70’s
  • Take on complex projects many of their competitors have declined
  • MNL are large enough to tackle most projects yet small enough to remain friendly and flexible

MNL – “a passion for prototypes”

MNL offer a professional service to help your product development from concept through to production. Its range of model types includes conceptual, functional, photographic, architectural, large scale, small scale, aesthetic, block work, foam and budget models to name a few! MNL are not restricted by only one technology, they offer large format SLA, small intricate SLA, Superior finish SLS, however sometimes traditional model making is still quicker, cheaper and more accurate.

Always Up-to-Date with the latest Technology and Materials

MNL have always looked to pioneering materials to offer the closest representation of production materials. At the beginning of this year they continued their interest in new materials with the introduction of a new SLS Nylon, with a superior surface finish and the look and feel closer to injection mouldings, a 1st in the UK.

Their huge choice of vacuum casting materials often means they can closely match your production material choice with a suitable resin simulant. MNL are large enough to tackle most projects yet small enough to remain friendly and flexible.

MNL strive to create relationships with their customers, knowing that they will be back time and time again. MNL - "a passion for prototypes"

Rich History and Reputation for Excellence

Malcolm Nicholls Limited, or MNL for short, is one of the oldest RP suppliers in the UK. Established in 1971 providing high quality hand built industrial prototypes to both small and large companies, MNL has grown to the company it is today without changing its philosophy on quality.

MNL was one of the first service providers to offer SLA, in fact that was in 1996. They still continue to offer SLA on the same build platforms they had then (500x500mm) with the addition of the extremely intricate viper SLA parts. Between the two types of process, most geometries are catered for.

However, no matter how many RP machines you have, you still need to add the professional touch to your finished product. MNL's reputation for excellence is based upon a superb blend of high-tech RP machines and materials and high quality traditional craftsmanship MNL - "a passion for prototypes"

Who We Are

Ross Nicholls

Technical Director

Tracy Nicholls

Technical Sales Manager

Andrew Mitchell

Technical Sales Executive

Matthew Woods

Sales and Estimating

Erfan Haque

Projects Manager

Jessica Sabin


Product Design and Development

MNL help many R&D departments and Design companies to produce concept models through to fully working prototypes of their products as they flow through the development cycle.

Reputation for Excellence

Malcolm Nicholls grew his company from a "one-man-band" working out of his garage to the company it is now on the ethos of complete quality.

His reputation for quality continued as he delivered perfection time after time.
That reputation continues today, with many competitors using our services too.

Digital Design to Desk in Days

It used to be called Rapid Prototyping, why, because you got your prototypes rapidly. Today speed is expected, except one persons idea of speed is anothers idea of slow. So how quick is quick; next day, over the weekend, this afternoon? All are possible ...

Marketing Models

Whether you want your models and prototypes for physical market research or for image based research, we can supply either.
Imagine NOT having to say "be careful its only a prototype" or "the real thing will function much better" - with MNL you wont.

Three Tier Costing System.

1 Premium route, builds are organised by MNL so that customers can utilise an entire machine solely for their project. This means that parts are built in the shortest amount of time possible. In some cases multiple machines may be used to spread the load, reducing build time once again.

2 Standard route, builds are organised so that several jobs are built at once with a good balance of efficiency and speed.

3Budget route, builds are organised by MNL so that machines are stacked out for maximum efficiency, these are longer builds however 30% off standard pricing in exchange for a few extra days is often strongly utilised.